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my thanksgiving prayer....

"thank you gold for this thanksgiving day were we celabrate that fact that us white people killed all the indian and stole thier land, then we converted all of them and abolished thier faith like the good little prodistents that we are, thank you god for allowing us to celebrate with an abundance of fatty foods while thier are aphgan refugees throughtout the middle east living in pup tents and selling the clothes off thier back for bread crumbs......... god bless or shitty country, born on hatred,fear,persecution, and the beautiful tool of seperation of man and faith, the cause of wars, THE BIBLE and THE KARAN, thank you god for allowing ignorant fools to write these stories and hate and fight with each other over thousands of years, when we technachly all have the same god....its lovely, now.....who wants slaughtered fesant!!!!!
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