llgurl01 (llgurl01) wrote in aceofbaseplace,

reply to questions

hi. i think i can help you with your questions.

#1: Ace Of Base started out as Tech Noir. they just made hardcore dance techno music. when the added Linn and Jenny they changed their name to Ace Of Base. as for the meaning, the "Base" is the music studio and the "ace" is like being a pro. so, Ace Of Base basically means being the best at what they do, which is making music.

#2: FALSE!

hope that helps...ciao!
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Have you been to the hallo boards? its a place where Acers like you hang out if you don't know, if interested the address is
the place is awesome and the people there are mostly nice (then you've got some perverts) and I also noticed we have very similar interests (well in music and mythology at least) well why don't you check it out? you can probably get anything you want about ace of base there as well
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