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I need some Ace Of Base info help!!!:-)

hey, Acers!!!:-)
I hope you're all doing well:-) I was at work last night & the original "Cruel Summer" came on the radio & I mentioned that I like the remake better (tho' both are great):-) the younger guy that works w/ me asked who remade it & I said Ace Of Base:-) he laughed & said something in reference to the stickers I have on the rear window of my car that says "ACE OF BASE RULES!":-> hehe then the other guy that was working w/ us chimed in & started going on about all this "knowledge" he THINKS he has of Ace Of Base! UGH! so since I have a horrible memory & I can't outright say YOU ARE WRONG! to him, I need to find out some info to make sure I am right:-P
so, here are the things I must confirm or deny:
1. he said that Ace Of Base used a name before they were Ace Of Base, which I know is true, but he said that they got their current name from the movie "Terminator" from a club that the Terminator went into, which I think it's totally WRONG:-P
2. he said that the "the blonde one," Linn, was in a group before Ace Of Base w/ one hit song titled something like "Can't Hardly Wait" or "Don't Make Me Wait" or something like that... I DO know that there is a song titled "Don't Make Me Wait", but I very much doubt that Linn was part of that group... I don't think that she was who he is thinkin' she is, ya' know?
I think that's the bulk of the info I really want, so any help would be greatly appreciated! I HOPE to get this info in time to bring it to work tonight, but please let me know even if it's later:-) THANX A LOT!!!:-) have a Beautiful Morning & a Wonderful Life!!!:-) Bye, Bye!:-)

*much Acer love*
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